How does EMS work in Small Businesses?

EMS, or the Environmental Management System, sounds pretty overwhelming to small businesses. Some are even asking why they are required to have this implemented in their business if they are not even compromising the environment. Whether small, medium or large businesses have to comply with the environmental protection that’s why businesses like offered different programs for different kinds of business for compliance. It may seem a little additional task, it is true. That’s why such companies offer business to business solutions to at least have the EMS set base on the company’s needs. How does it help the small businesses? Here are some details.



Some businesses might not take it seriously but there are laws implemented to different countries about environmental management. Having the EMS in a small business company will avoid any penalties and interest that may be given in the case, unintentionally, the company has violated any policies in environmental protection. EMS is designed as a guideline for employees to follow. A comprehensive actions to be taken are details once seen violations so it will be handled inside the company instead of making it a serious matter that needs government interventions.

Empowered Employees

Everyone has to do their fair share in protecting the environment. This program cannot be done by only one employee. If each and every one of the employee is knowledgeable and trained, it will not be difficult to comply with the law that covers environmental protection.

Cost Saving

It does help with cutting off expenses for utilities. Simple every day routines like turning off the lights when not in use, knowing the 3Rs (Reuse, reduce, recycle), turning off the faucet, reporting leakage, and other things that we mostly do every day but not being done properly. EMS can help the company save time, energy and money little by little. Who knows, it can also be a start of more reasons the company can save money.


Competitive Advantage over Competitors

From the cost saving to other advantages as mentioned above. For example, with the EMS your company has developed, your company was able to cut down expense for the utilities and due to 3Rs being followed by the employees religiously, your company is able to cut down expenses on other materials the company is using. Hence, the percentage of the amount that is saved from these cut downs in expense can go back to company’s profit and still keep the suggested retail price of the product or rates of the service offered. It can be equal to the competitors’ rates or may mark down a little not compromising the quality of course. In this case, your company is already a step ahead of the competition.

It might not really obvious to some, how EMS can help a small business company. If a program has been studied very well, there’s nothing you can get from it but benefit to the company. Many consumers now support a campaign that helps the environment, a company no matter how big or small who cares about the environment.

Author: Albert Straton

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